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State & Regional Sales Report

ASI Media’s annual State and Regional Sales Report typically takes the long view. But like with everything else, the pandemic has changed things. While the future still matters, at this moment distributors are concerned with the right here and now. Which states are opening up? What events are returning? Which markets are ready to buy?

That’s where our report comes in. Our exclusive data reveals which states and regions proved the most resilient for selling promo. Likewise, our reporting offers the strategies, products and trends that are going to propel distributors as the U.S. eyes perhaps a soaring economic expansion.

That would be a welcome relief after last year’s carnage. Each region declined by at least 18%. Promo powerhouses such as California (-22%), Texas (-14%), Florida (-14%) and New York (-26%) lost roughly $1.5 billion in promo sales combined. Unsurprisingly, no states had promo sales growth in 2020.

But enough bad news. Optimism abounds as distributors are anticipating strong sales and continued recovery the rest of the year. Use our guide to see what’s happening in your region – and why there’s reason to be excited. – C.J. Mittica


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